Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goodbye, America.

I killed my Facebook account tonight.
I have really enjoyed almost everything about it, but I am so upset about the Supreme Court condoning corporations taking over the Government that I opened a page against corporate governance but I chose "non-profit" because it was the only choice I had for the kind of organization I was so I could start the page.
It was the wrong thing to do. It's just that I feel so powerless. I'm nobody, really. Who's going to listen to me?
The other thing is, I enjoy anonymity. I think I am justified in this feeling after seeing the results of my relationship someone who is very out-of-the-closet at the place she works. She works at a grocery store in a small, unincorporated town. I used to love going into that store. Half the shoppers knew me as the gal from the library and to the employeesI was a customer of the store.
Now, they all now I am the counterpart of the ornery receiver. They watch me. If I talk to someone, they talk about it.
I chatted in line with my friend, Lisa, whom I had run into there at the store and Lisa noticed that everyone was looking at us. I hugged her goodbye in the parking lot and Joey heard about it the next day. (I had told Joey about running into our friend and it being overly obvious that all eyes were on us as we chatted.)
I loved anonymity. I liked the friendliness of the store. Now I shop somewhere else every chance I get.
But my petty problems really mean nothing. They may just as well have sold the country to Satan himself.
I don't deny the whole "personhood" thing which states the companies have a right to an opinion. I do disagree with giving companies the right to own a politician and run the country. Hello?!
I'll sign anything but Free Speech is more endangered now than ever. And anyone who speaks out is a Jew to Hitler.
I really wouldn't be surprised if anyone who spoke against this turns of events suddenly disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa. The corporations really do have that much power.
True, the government was influenced by them before but now it's totally legal.
Thomas Jefferson remarked that companies seeking power were a threat to Democracy.
Too bad they don't make men like him anymore.