Saturday, September 09, 2006

In praise of "The Crocodile Hunter"

There is a place in the world for people who do a great job of showing natures beauty as well as its foibles.

Some people were annoyed by the energy and accent of Steve Irwin.
I thought he was "gorgeous!"

I miss Marlin Perkins.
I miss Jacques Cousteau.
And now I miss Steve Irwin.

I can't believe how he died, or how soon.
He has two children who should have been allowed to learn every thing he had to teach.
I feel great grief for his American wife and critter-displaying partner, Terri.

There's nobody like him. That's for sure. But there's room amd need and desire for more people showing us the world we need, reminding us in our boxed-in houses, offices and cars that there is more.

Goodbye Steve, and Thanks!