Saturday, August 11, 2007


Some uptight ignoramuses are upset about a condom ad across the street from a Catholic school in the great state of Massachusetts.
The AIDS Action Hotline put up a billboard that reads "Are you using?" and the graphic is fingers holding an unrolled condom. The billboard faces St. Kevin School. (It is St. Kevin, not St. Kevin's.)

Here's the facts:

*Children are curious about sex.
*When you teach children that sex (outside of marriage) is a sin, they get even more curious about it.
*Children will have sex.
*If you haven't taught children how to be responsible with sex, they won't be responsible because they do not know any better.

I'm so tired of the ignorant and irresponsible way we present or fail to present sex to our youth.
Rather than teaching either abstinence or how babies are created, we need to teach sex as something that can be good when it is used responsibly. We need to teach as if it were a tool, with all of it's inherent safety guidelines.

The people who protest abortion don't preach prevention. (Why is that?)

People from every section of our society acquire venereal disease.
People all over the world die of AIDS every day.

These little bits of rubber could make such an enormous difference.

People need to know it.

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